Mayor Michelle Wu w/ Assistance of Self Serving City Council Passes Ordinance to Restrict 1A Protesting Rights

Mayor Wu Legislates Away the Constitution For Her Own Benefit (Don't Be Fooled Boston)

Michelle Wu is using propaganda, manipulation and lies to malign the reputation and actions of peaceful protestors.The protesting outside of Boston elected officials residences began on January 4, 2022, the day that Mayor Wu, in tandem with the City Council CLOSED CITY HALL. They continue, to this very day, to work remotely as they see fit, denying access to those seeking to air their grievances.

These protesting constituents, residents and workers have shown up to Mayor Wu's residence, and that of several City Council members, to protest her actions and policies against the City of Boston work force and school children who are STILL forced to wear masks. These protestors are now also speaking out for North End restaurant owners who are continuing to be selectively brutalized by Mayor Wu, despite the hardships they endured from Mayor Wu and her Covid-19 Vaccine Passport system and other mandates.......

The Boston City Council, under the failed leadership of Council President Ed Flynn, is complicit in this blatant disregard for First Amendment rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The only dissenting votes on this Ordinance (#0312) were Councilors Frank Baker, Kendra Lara, Erin Murphy and Julia Mejia. We must all remember that trampling the rights of one will eventually lead to trampling the rights of all.


Please consider donating as we intend on launching MORE litigation against Michelle Wu to STOP her from further damaging Boston and destroying Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights and the future of our wonderful City.

Boston First Responders United Holds Panel at FIRST OPEN PUBLIC CITY COUNCIL HEARING IN TWO YEARS!!!

First Responders & Boston Community Confront Mayor Wu on Covid Mandates

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BFRU stands in solidarity with all emergency personnel, teachers, nurses, all labor union workers and every other type of worker in Massachusetts who are being subjected to unethical and illegal terminations. We stand with all those who demand medical freedom while maintaining their employment. BFRU rejects the notion that ones ability to live free and prosper in the U.S. is conditional on subjecting ones body to unwanted medical treatment or vaccine injections through government strong arming and overreach.



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