Our Mission

Boston First Responders United seeks to re-instill into American society the core tenets of Freedom established by the Founding Fathers and to reaffirm our God given rights to make decisions for ourselves and for our families particularly as it relates to medical treatment, without duress from any political or governmental entity.

BFRU stands in solidarity with all emergency personnel, teachers, nurses, all labor union workers and every other type of worker in Massachusetts who are being subjected to unethical and illegal terminations. We stand with all those who demand medical freedom while maintaining their employment. BFRU rejects the notion that ones ability to live free and prosper in the U.S. is conditional on subjecting ones body to unwanted medical treatment or vaccine injections through government strong arming and overreach.



Your donation helps us fund our legal fight to keep our jobs protecting the citizens of Boston and Massachusetts and to provide valuable information and support to people who believe in the freedoms that God and our Constitution gives us. Click here for our Give Send Go page- where you can help support our mission. Thank you for your support! DONATE HERE! 


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Latest News

Mayor Elect Michelle Wu wants to prevent unvaccinated citizens from entering restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters and other public places.......our Nation's civil rights icons fought hard to win Brown vs. Board of Education and overturn "Separate but Equal". Michelle, our citizens cry out: NO TO VACCINE PASSPORTS!